What is Velocity?

If we are to succeed and thrive in a world that seems to be in chaos, we need to expand our vision.

Velocity is a collaboration of individuals – from business owners and visionaries, to industry experts and educators – with a common focus on connection and growth for productivity.

We are like-minded individuals building breakthrough action in all aspects of life.

This is the beauty and the power of Velocity Master Minds.


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The Master Mind Principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude constitute an unbeatable force.

– Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

The Velocity Difference

Sometimes the best way to describe a new concept is to explain what it isn’t. Velocity Master Minds is NOT:

Networking. At least not the way you probably think about networking. Velocity is relationship-focused, which may very likely lead to expanded business opportunities. But our focus is not on what happens outside each of us; it’s what we become on the inside.

Training. While you probably will learn some specific skills or concepts, that’s not our main focus with Velocity Master Minds. If experience only dictates the future opportunities, none of us would ever experience outcomes beyond the training we’ve received in the past, which has gotten us where we are. Instead, Velocity is a facilitated experience where, when a safe space is created and people remain in what Napoleon Hill called a Spirit of Harmony, the best thinking and creativity from each of the participants can come into play. This best part of each of us together is the Master Mind.

A Support Group. While you will undoubtedly feel supported when you need it, that is not the purpose for the groups. There are times people need support and there are also times when people need help … both concepts are a result of the intention behind getting together in the first place. While the REASON for Velocity Master Minds is created from the words we use to describe it, the PURPOSE is much less tangible and much more difficult to put words to. But, like energy, while you can’t touch it, you can definitely feel it.

Add perspective to guide your direction…then take off!


Trusted Connections

Going beyond face-to-face interaction. A circle that provides accountability and has your back.

Momentous Growth

Growing with individuals that will not only challenge you, but compound your development.

Inspired Productivity

Moving beyond being busy. It’s about being inspired in your work and direction.

Beginning Spring of 2022!


Interested in joining a community of leaders and individuals pursing deeper connection and professional and personal growth and success?

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